Painshill Park Wedding Venue – The Marriage celebration of Leila & Moeen

Surrounded in parkland, an asian, arabic and english spin on a wonderful day where the weather held out and the beautiful details of the celebration shone through stronger than the winter sun.
A huge thanks to Leila & Moeen for choosing me to share their fun day and capture terrific moments in a very packed day [...]

Wentworth Club Wedding Venue – The Civil Marriage of Wedding of Vahini & Jana

Day 2 of the couples Wedding celebration and this was the full civil ceremony in a great and memorable location in Surrey. Wentworth Club. The Wentworth Ceremony room is grand and just such an occasion. The couple provide a wonderful detail to the day and evening. A huge thanks to Mike Hetherington who supported the [...]

Painshill Park Wedding Venue Photography – Wedding of Vahini & Jana

Part 1 of a superb 2 day event. The couple got the weather approved and went for an outdoor Mandap by Mandap Om Creative a new designer. The Ceremony was superb and the detail was perfect for the day. Outdoor Weddings remind me of the work I get to do in Miami and Italy, so [...]

Claridge’s Hotel Wedding Wedding Photogrpahy- The Marriage of Libby & Paul

Claridge’s Hotel conjures up many thoughts when you think of a Wedding there. For me its was WOW to every room and WOW to the service that I saw and experienced. Combine this with a couple who laugh loads and a huge crowd ready to party and this was my mix of ingredients for a [...]

Northbrook Park Wedding Photography – The Wedding of Sippy & Damian

Details, details, details lots of lovely details. Sadly I am still sticking to my 10 favourite moments or memories of the day. The rest can be found in the Video slideshow on my Vimeo channel for those with passwords supplied by the couple.
From Australia to Ireland, from dancing to Bhangra, from Horses to Vintage cars [...]

Nonsuch Mansion Wedding Photography – The Wedding of Carol & Kenny

Fun FUn FUN that is how I described the day when I got back. Everyone at the Wedding seemed to have a joke or laugh. Carol had applied lots of wonderful details to the day even co-ordinating the Car with the boys suits. To top things of I got to see one of the worlds [...]

Wedding Photography at Selsdon Park Hotel – The Wedding of Gemma & Ian

My big thanks to Gemma and Ian for a great day of photography and a great party. A wonderful mix of European and English cultures all drawn into a chic and very tasteful ensemble. Cannot wait to show them all their images. Here are a few of my favourite moments.

Wedding Photography at The Selsdon Park Hotel – The Wedding of Louise & Ramzan

July is going to be my busy period this year. I am not sure what happened last year but everyone chose July. I guess its the wonderful weather we have in the UK. For L&R it was a ceremony in the Jamatkhana followed by a celebration at the sprawling Selsdon Park Hotel just outside Croydon. [...]

Northbrook Park Wedding Venue – The Wedding of Karen & Andrew

This Wedding for me saw some of the most diverse group of friends and family come together in the wonderful tradition of a Wedding. I cannot remember when I last met so many different people from different countries, all there to celebrate the wonderful couples big day.
I knew I was going to be busy, with [...]

Nonsuch Mansion, Surrey Wedding Photography – The Wedding of Helen & Nick

This year I am focusing on moments in Wedding that made me smile, or surprised me to bring out the uniqueness of each union. Sometimes its the details, other times a moment captured, sometimes I see things that are just great memories to keep. As well as the usual part of the Wedding including formals [...]